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5 Best Home Closet Displays

If you thought your closet was messy, talk to us about which of the above solutions could work for you. And if your closet is already immaculate and you want some extra tips on how to make it even better, then click on through!

We’ll show you five of our absolute favorite home closets in all their organized glory, complete with both the before and after pictures. There’s something here for everyone: from minimalists who want a clutter-free space; to parents who need a place to store both their kids’ and their own belongings; and even those with an eye for design looking for new ideas on creative systems.

If you’ve got a closet that’s the bane of your existence, chances are it’s full of clothing, toys, electronics and other items that you can’t find any place to store. If you’ve been making fruitless trips to your local second-hand store, or just plain stacking your stuff on top of the nearest surface, then get ready for an organized home!

Here are five of our favorite closet organization ideas:

1. Wall Dividers

This is one example of a “permanent” solution–a system designed to stay in place. Though it may seem pricey, we think it’s economically advantageous, as you’ll be able to make optimum use of your space, and the doors will provide additional storage space.

2. A Caddy For Your Jewelry

Store your jewelry in a caddy that hangs on the back of the door: it’s literally within reach when needed and out of sight when not.

3. Robust File Cabinet Storage System

The range of storage here is impressive. There are built-in drawers for smaller items hanging on hooks for larger ones and even a few open shelves for books, magazines or other items that don’t need to be kept upright.

4. Medicine Cabinet Solution

Make the most of a narrow space by using a cabinet to store your toiletries and other items no floor cluttered with bottles! This is an absolute must if you have kids, and will also prove useful if you’re forced to share your bathroom with someone else.

5. Hanging Baskets for The Home Organizer

If you have a lot of things to store, you’ll love this closet storage option: a set of deep baskets allows for maximization of space. You could even hang it from the ceiling to get even more use out of the area below.


Fingers crossed that one of the above closet storage ideas gives you a few good ideas for your own space. Now, before you get started, check out these home organization tips and rules to get the job done right!

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