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Creating A Successful Home-Based Flowers Business

Flowers and other plants are a big business. The flower industry is worth about $20 billion a year, with about half of that coming from cut flowers alone. With so many people willing to spend money on home and office plants, it’s natural that some entrepreneurs want to turn their green thumbs into a new business venture.

If you’re thinking about starting your own home-based flower business, you’ll need to conduct lots of research and planning before launch day. While running your own business as a home-based operation has many advantages (chief among them being the ability to continue working while you also have a mortgage and expenses), it also has its challenges. Read on for advice on how to get started with this exciting new venture.


First and foremost, you must have basic knowledge about flowers, plants, and gardening. Knowing the differences between cut flowers, houseplants, and potted plants is vital. Finding the names of different flowers will also help ensure you’re not selling the wrong product.

Becoming a florist requires formal education, years of experience, and qualifications. Some businesses are best owned by people who are experienced in gardening or who are qualified florists in their other careers.

Others need a mix of experience and know-how:

* Considering a side business, it’s best to consult with a professional before you begin.

* However, that doesn’t stop you from using your skills to your advantage as a home-based business owner.


Whether to go into business yourself or with others can affect the success of any home-based flower venture. If you have no experience and are looking for a way to keep your current job while making extra income, operating from home alone might be the best option. For example, if you have experience running an in-store retail operation, teaming up with someone else in similar circumstances might open up more opportunities than going solo.

If you are thinking of making a move to a home-based business, consider these points:

* It costs money to start a new business. These costs can include supplies (for example, seeds and soil), building and equipment, licenses, marketing, and more. All of these items need to be researched before you start.

* There are also annual operating costs such as electricity, telephone rates, and monthly service fees. You’ll also need to prepare for peak seasons by using your extra cash flow during quieter times.

Starting a home-based flower business is not easy. It’s not something that you should start as a last resort or to make yourself feel better about being unemployed. Rather, it’s a new opportunity to make money from the green thumb that nature gave you.

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